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A Party for Penny, Ernest & Cristina!

Sponsored by
Mayor Tom Cambariere




Tom Cambariere


Dear Friends & Supporters,


Thank you for your support over the last 18 years. I believe Ossining is a better place today than it was when we were sworn in on January 1, 1985. Together, we have made my slogan "One can make a difference" mean something. The Democratic Party has forged a majority for the last 6 years of my administration, and for 4 years of the Caputo and Roberts administrations. During those times, we have turned Ossining around. We laid the ground work, cleaned up a backlog of unfinished business, and Ossining is on the cusp, as we move into the 21st century.


Please know that a most important part of the ’we’ has been the five members of the Village Board working together. Whether it was Mayor Joe, Mary Ann, Mayor Tom, and yes Mayor John, the team of five has worked hard together with you, for the benefit of Ossining. The team, and what we have accomplished and will accomplish is more important than any individual achievement. That is what has made us strong, and it is that team we must preserve.


One person has been there for ten of those years. One person has been tried and true for those ten years. One person has stood up for and been an integral part of the progress we have made. Whether it is diversifying our Police Dept. or the entire work force. Whether it is the new Post Office, the Police Court facility, Market Square, the cement lining of water pipes or the road resurfacing program - or any part of our excellent record, she has been there. She has been a guiding force in listening to the people and honing our exciting Riverfront Project. I can not tell you how helpful she has been to me since becoming Mayor. Penny Markowitz-Moses, is always there for Ossining. She has the experience, the dedication and the heart to be our next Mayor.


The Village of Ossining needs Ernest McFadden on the Village Board. He is simply the best. Ernest is always there in the clinches; he stays informed and does his homework. Ernest brings to the Board his intelligence, grace under fire and a perspective that we sorely need to keep on the Village Board.


The more you get to know Cristina DaSilva, our candidate to replace Penny, the more you will like her. Four years ago, she ran with our opponents and we got to know her. She separated herself from their virulent campaign. We invited her to our victory celebration, and we have adopted her as our own ever since. Cristina is bright, articulate, as you might expect of one who has achieved a Doctor of Law degree. She will be an outstanding Village Trustee.


I must ask you to consider the alternative. In addition to stands on important issues, it would not bode well for the Village were he to become Mayor. He is willing to expend his substantial resources to again rear his head into Ossining politics. Make no mistake about it, we are in a tough race that I know you agree we must win. Penny, Ernest and Cristina are the best hope for the future.


We need your help and support. We need you to dig deep to affirm our positive record and to protect Ossining from what I can only describe as a potential disaster. Please come and have some fun and good food, (Shrimp!) or send us your donation.


Again, thank you for your support. Be assured I will always be there for you and for Ossining.



Mayor Tom

Sunday October 6th
The Wardens Mansion
Hudson Point Condos


Let’s have some fun!

Open Bar, Soup & Supper, Rocky•s Jumbo Shrimp!


If you can•t come,
Please send a generous donation.

Admission $20 minimum per person
Make checks payable to: Campaign 2002

Or Call 941-1120 for reservations.



___ Yes! I•m coming. Find check for ____ persons


___ No, I can•t attend, BUT Please find my donationof of $_____.

___ Please call me I would like to Volunteer!










Please print out this form and mail with check to:

Mayor Tom Cambariere
82 Hudson Point Lane
Ossining, NY 10562




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