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Letter From Penny Markowitz-Moses


About Ossining

September, 2002

601 Eagle Bay Drive
Ossining, New York 10562

Village of Ossining seeks highly qualified Mayoral candidate:

Village Mayor - two year term beginning January 1, 2003. Must be dedicated, hands-on and available all hours, any day of the week. A proven track record is a must for the successful candidate. Benefits include lack of sleep and rapidly graying hair! Emotional rewards for improving quality of life and completing projects are beyond measure. The most qualified candidate must have 10 years of local government service immediately preceding this election, must be well versed in all of the issues and be able to multi task on many levels. The successful candidate will be highly motivated to strive for excellence in providing unsurpassed service to the community. Reply to your local voting booth on November 5th.


Forward thinking incumbent Village Trustee/Deputy Mayor seeks to fill this position. I am hands-on and always accessible with a multitude of qualifications developed during my five terms, including an impressive list of accomplishments: the construction and opening of the new US Post Office in Downtown Ossining; the construction and opening of the new Police/Court facility after 21 years on the drawing board; the opening of a satellite branch of Westchester Community College; the implementation of the Police Civilian Complaint Review Board; expansion of recreational programs; continuing improvement and maintenance of the Villages infrastructure - from water mains to street paving; and much much more. I offer creative solutions for getting the job done; and my number one consideration is always what is best for Ossining.

During my tenure, Ossining has added new hires to further the implementation of diversification in the Police Department. New employees throughout the Village represent our total commitment to Operation Diversity. The Village acquired the burned out parcels on Main Street, and we are seeking proposals for new development. We have a new ferry dock at Harbor Square, and Market Square is complete. There is action on the Waterfront … after intense public participation and scrutiny, a plan was developed and is being carried out.

The initiation of Community Policing is making a real difference in the quality of life for many of our residents, and we are looking at ways to expand this innovative program to other areas in our Village.

Campaign 2002 will be challenging in many ways. This year, in addition to asking your financial support, I am asking each of my friends to reach out and encourage five others to vote. If you know people who are not registered, let’s get them registered! If you know people who don’t normally vote in local elections, tell them how important this election is to the Village of Ossining. I need you to do that for me and for Ossining. It’s all about OUR future!

On November 5th, I am asking for your vote.

Many thanks for your time and consideration,


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