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Elect Deputy Mayor Penny Markowitz-Moses, Ossining’s Next Mayor
By far the most qualified candidate in the field, Penny has 10 years experience as Village Trustee and 6 as our Deputy Mayor. She always puts the Village above politics and persona and she lives by her motto "Ossining First!". Markowitz-Moses has received the endorsement of the Journal News.

Re-Elect Trustee Ernest McFadden
Seeking his fourth term as your Village Trustee, Ernest is a 30 year resident of Ossining. He is employed as an Industry and Government Affairs Manager with Heineken, USA. He has taken a special interest Ossinining’s recreation and youth programs, and a keen interest in the financial affairs of the Village. McFadden has received the endorsement of the Journal News.

Cristina is an energetic and bright 20 year resident of Ossining active in community pursuits. Four years ago, she ran for Village Trustee and so impressed her opponents, that they have asked her to run with them this year.

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