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Dear Independence Party Voter,

September 6, 2002

The Independence Party, seeks to elect people of integrity who rise above party labels and vote their conscience. It is without reservation that I recommend three candidates who have demonstrated the values the Independence Party embraces.

We have endorsed Penny Markowitz-Moses and Ernest McFadden several times and our cofidence has been justified. With Mayor Tom Cambariere retiring. we believe that Acting Mayor Penny Markowitz-Moses is best qualified to be the next Mayor of Ossining. We aso recommend to you Trustee Ernest McFadden, whose solid record as a part of this team deserves re-election.

In the vacancy left by Trustee Markowitz-Moses, I recommend to you Cristina Da Silva. Da Silva will be a solid addition to the team who will bring her own brand of independence and a fresh perspective to the Village Board.

This team has many worthy accomplishments, which include, a strong Village involvement in Ossining's downtown, which has created new business and jobs. These accomplishements include: a new Police-Court facility, a Market Square Center, and a state-of-the-art Post Office. Also, they have provided for major infrastructure work on Ossining's water system and roadways. I would also point out htat the team has worked hard to see that the Village work force and all our endeavors reflect the diversity that is Ossining.

It is unusual when we find we can endorse candidates whose records prove that they know the value of a dollar. These public officials, for five years running, kept tax increases below the consumer price index, and spent and invested those tax dollars wisely, maintaining a healthy fund balance.

We ask you to support Markowitz-Moses, McFadden and Da Silva in the Ossining Independence primary on Septemeber 1oth. The Independence Party will play a key role in this and all of the races to be decided in November on election day. We urge you to vote.

Please remember to vote for Penny Markowitz-Moses, Ernest McFadden and Cristina Da Silva on Tuesday September 10th.

Sincerely Yours,




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